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Your gateway to seamless relocation solutions in the heart of London.

Welcome to London Core

Relocation Services

We offer resources and support to help


We understand that each move is unique. Our experts will work closely with you to create a personalised relocation plan that fits your needs perfectly.


Tailored Consultation

From house hunting to settling in, we handle every detail, ensuring a seamless transition.


Seamless Approach

As London locals, we provide insider knowledge to help you acclimate to your new surroundings quickly. Discover the best neighborhoods, schools, and amenities.




All about
London Core


Let us make your relocation experience smooth, efficient, and unforgettable. At London Core, we specialize in providing top-tier relocation services that cater to every aspect of your move to this iconic city.

Discover our tailored relocation packages designed to ensure a smooth transition for you or your employees. Whether you're settling in, seeking a complete experience, or demanding VIP treatment, our Essentials, Premium, and Executive packages have you covered.

We offer resources and support to help


Are you considering a move to the vibrant and diverse city of London? Look no further than London Core – your ultimate resource for a seamless relocation experience

Strength that speaks for itself


Discover your dream home with ease through our extensive listing of available properties


Experience a seamless relocation journey with our efficient services that handle every detail


Rest assured as we prioritize your needs and well-being, providing reliable guidance


You're probably


If you have more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

  • 1. How does the relocation process work?
    We begin with a discovery call to understand your specific requirements and needs for relocating to London. This helps us tailor our services to best suit your situation.
  • 2. How much does the relocation service cost?
    The cost of our relocation service is personalised for each client. We take into account your unique circumstances and preferences, ensuring that you receive a tailored solution that meets your needs.
  • 3. What are the payment terms for your services?
    Our payment terms are divided into two parts. You're required to pay 50% of the total fee upfront before we start the assignment. The remaining 50% is due upon the successful completion of the relocation.

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